Blog Topics and Suggestions

Hello, world! I am attempting my first blog post ever, so feel free to give ideas for topics.

So, through this blog I want to take you on a journey through the world of twitter. I’m not that familiar with twitter, so I want to dig into it and see what I experience for myself. I want to see how twitter works as a big community of people, and how that effects us. I’d even love for you readers out there to share what your experience with twitter has been like, and what you connect with the most.

A few of the topics I’d like to discuss would be…

  1. What exactly is twitter?
  2. How has twitter changed our society?
  3. How has twitter itself evolved in the past few years?
  4. How are teenager and adults (my readers!) using twitter?
  5. How is twitter linking people together in new ways?
  6. Twitter and world awareness
  7. Twitter and the feeling of belonging
  8. Using twitter to create music (Peter Gregson)
  9. Using twitter for health studies (Michael J. Paul and Mark Dredze)
  10. Ai Weiwei using twitter to send a message to the government and the people


I hope this interests you and will encourage you to see how you’re using twitter!



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