Top 7 Things to do on Twitter First #gettingstarted

How many of you out there have a twitter account already? If you don’t, I have some tips to get you started!

1.  Choose the right user name

It’s important that you choose a name that means something and fits well with who you are.

2. Create a good bio

Make sure you describe yourself or your business in a way that’s impacting yet simple.

3. Upload a photo that makes you stand out

It’s important to make your photo appealing so other users will want to follow you.

4. Send your first tweet

Introduce yourself to others on twitter by sending a tweet!

5. Find the right people to follow

Follow people that will keep you updated on what you want to know.

6. Tell others you’re on Twitter

Let people on facebook, your blog etc. know you’re on twitter.

7. Interact with the Twitter community

Listen to what others are saying and have a conversation with them.

I found most of these on a website that helps with social media from a marketing standpoint, but I though it was useful for us (as new users) too! If you want to check out the blog I got this from and read more about this topic click here. Let me know if these tips are useful for you as you start your new journey on Twitter!



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