Twitter #TheBeginning

Ok, before I get too far ahead of myself I want to explain a little bit of how twitter got started. It’s really an interesting story!

So, basically Twitter started off as a micro-blogging platform. It’s founders were Jack Dorsey, Evan Williams, and Biz Stone. They wanted to find a way to send text messages on their cell phones and help out a company that was nearing its end. It was sort of an “accident” that it became so popular, because they had no idea how big it would become.

Twitter made it’s official start on March 21, 2006. In the 38th tweet ever @Dom said “Oh, this is going to be addictive.” Wow! Was @Dom right. Right now Twitter has over 200 million users with 140 million tweets sent each day…I’d say it’s definitely gotten pretty addicting.

If you’re anything like me, you’re wondering where in the world the word Twitter came from! I’m sure you’ve heard of Flickr…it was actually inspired from that name. Some other names they thought of were FriendStalker and Dodgeball (Can you imagine if one of those had been chosen?!). My personal favorite is FriendStalker…because everyone wants to be known as a stalker. Anyway, despite these great choices for names they chose Twitter (thank God!).

Twitter-“a short burst of inconsequential information” and “a series of chirps from birds”

Makes sense, eh? Anyway, I found this to be very interesting, and I wanted to touch on this before I started digging into Twitter. If you want to know more about this topic click here. Let me know what you think about this blog post!


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