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Today as I was looking through my Twitter feed something caught my eye. Now, since I’m subscribed to people like @YourAnonNews and @CNN and even my local news station who has a Twitter account, my Twitter feed can be full of interesting news and updates. Before I had a Twitter account I thought it was silly that my husband would look at Twitter to check out what’s going on in the news. Let’s be clear here, he’s not looking at what other people are gossiping about he’s looking at credible sources like @CNN or other news stations and people. This fascinated me! So, once I set up my Twitter account I started following people who I thought we would give me a wide range of uses (like my friends, news stations, famous people) on Twitter.

Anyway, as I was looking through my feed today I kept seeing a topic come up. I read things like…

“RT @AdamInOakland: Pretty sure #LAPD has shot more people today than the guy they are hunting. #foodforthought

“It’s sort of a big deal that the #lapd are basically shooting random people who happen to have the same car as Dorner.”

“We beat @NBCNews at tweeting out their own link to the live #LAPD press briefing. Lulz. #YAN

“Dear #LAPD please don’t shoot any other innocent people cause they are driving pickup trucks”

“Manhunt underway for ex-#LAPD cop, suspected in double murder and cop shooting.

What I love about Twitter is that I don’t need a TV or a long boring news article to tell me what’s going on in the world. I read a tweet of a 140 characters or less and it updates me every so often of the details. My how our world has changed! It’s incredible how I learned so much in just a few minutes time. Have you experienced something like this on Twitter, what’s something big happened and you were able to follow it?

If you want to know more about this breaking news story click here for a report from @YourAnonNews or here for an article on CNN. And if you really want to experience the action follow people on Twitter that might be of some help!


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