Twitter #PostIdeas

So, if you have read my first blog post ever you’d see a list of topics that I wanted to talk about that involved Twitter. I’ve done some of those posts, but recently what I’ve been doing is finding a cool story that’s come up on my Twitter feed. That has been so much fun, and I’ll probably continue to do a little bit of that, BUT I would like to share a few old and new ideas for posts.

  • Share a few stories from @TwitterStories  and possibly ask those people some questions
  •  Talk about @acarvin , especially since I just read his book, Distant Witness
  • Share part of @aiww ‘s story
  • Share a little bit about hacking on Twitter and how to prevent from getting hacked yourself
  • Talk about how Twitter is a great place to stay connected
  • Talk about how @NASA is using Twitter to inform and stay connected
  • Share about @YourAnonNews and its use of Twitter
  • Share a little bit of my experience with Twitter thus far
  • Hashtags and what they’re all about
  • Share things about Twitter that most people might not know


These are just some ideas that I thought would be interesting. What do you guys think? If you have any ideas let me know, I’d love to hear what you guys want to know!


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