Twitter #Hashtags

One of the most confusing aspects of Twitter is what is called the hashtag. If you’re confused about hashtags, trust me, you’re not the only one! Being a new user to Twitter, I’m still in the learning process too (and it’s always good to be a learner!) so I understand why it would be confusing. There’s no need to feel like there is something wrong with you if you don’t understand this…but hopefully this blog post will help you out!

Before I started using Twitter I had already learned a little bit about hashtags. I started seeing them show up on Facebook, and I was curious! So, I did a little digging and I got the gist of what they were all about. I read this definition…

A tag embedded in a message, consisting of a word within the message prefixed with a hash sign (#)

It’s important to remember that a hashtag will always have the hash sign (#) in front of it! Here’s an example of a hashtag..


Hashtags are very popular in the world of Twitter (and other places too!). Check out this video I found using hashtags…

I completely understand if you’re still confused, so I’m linking to two articles, here and here, that should hopefully help! Just remember, it’s okay if you don’t understand hashtags right away, it will come. I’m still figuring them out!

Do you know a lot about hashtags? If so, feel free to comment on this post and share with other users!


2 thoughts on “Twitter #Hashtags

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  2. AHH I felt this was about hashtags. This video was great because of the humor and also because of information. Very easy to understand and accurate information.

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