Your Freedback on the #Hashtag

Ok, so some of you may remember that last week I posted a little bit on the hashtag. I was really interested in hashtags because, first of all, I don’t really completely understand them either! Secondly, there’s a lot of people out there using hashtags, and we can either run away from technology and change, or we can choose to learn more about it. So, since I don’t know everything I wanted to hear from you! I made this short video asking some of you what you think hashtags are. Here it is…

As you can see, with only four people there are some very diverse definitions and experiences surrounding the hashtag. I know Twitter can be a very confusing and sometimes frustrating place, but it’s important to always be a learner. In the mean time, check out some of these hashtags on Twitter!




As always, I’d love to hear your feedback, and your definition of a hashtag.


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