Twitter #Space #NASA

Until recently I had no idea how much Twitter was being used (I still don’t really have an idea, but I know more than I did before). Reliable sources like news stations and journalists are using Twitter as well. I recently discovered that NASA has a Twitter account. Now, I’m not really in to NASA (don’t get me wrong I think it’s cool!) but if I was I could check up on them through Twitter. How cool is that?!

I even discovered that NASA sent its first tweet from space in 2009 by Mike Massimino. NASA has a team that works with Twitter. Check out this video that explains a little bit of that…

Here’s some tweets from NASA…

@NASA [Image of the Day] New York City at Night

@NASAMeet 22 scientists working on cutting-edge #NASA Earth science from all over the country.  #EarthDay

This proves that there really is a place for everyone on Twitter. After you watch the video below you should check out NASA on Twitter…and let me know where you fit in on Twitter!


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