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Recently I had the privilege of watching a clip from the documentary Never Sorry. The film focuses on the Chinese artist Ai Weiwei. Check out the trailer…

From the trailer you get a glimpse of what Ai Weiwei is all about. He is so passionate about art but also about the people of Chine. He uses his art to express how he feels about government, life, people, culture and so much more. He truly is an artist of his time.

remebering-800x342 (This artwork is made completely out of backpacks after the earthquake)

The reason I decided to post about Ai Weiwei is because he has used Twitter in ways that most people haven’t. On August 12, 2009 Ai Weiwei was arrested by Chinese police. He posted this photo…


He had also been sending out tweets like this…

@aiww I don’t want the next generation to fight the same fight as I did.

It is powerful to see how Ai Weiwei involves community in his art just like Twitter is a medium for the community. After Ai sent out that photo on Twitter he got so many responses. Friends, family, fans were all fighting on his behalf. It’s amazing to reflect on how Twitter can be a source of communication that brings people from all around the world together.

If you are interested in this look for @AWWNeverSorry and @aliklay on Twitter. What do you think about Ai Weiwei’s story and his use of Twitter?


2 thoughts on “Twitter #AiWeiwei #Art

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  2. This post has great information on Ai Wei Wei and is very detailed. The videos are awesome and tell a lot about Ai Wei Wei. Love the quote from Ai Wei Wei, “I don’t want the next generation to fight the same fight as I did.”

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