Twitter #Anonymous

What is anonymous? Check out this video to learn more!

Crazy, huh?! If you really enjoyed the video about you might be interested in this longer version called We Are Legion.

When I first created my Twitter account I started following @YourAnonNews. The first month I didn’t really notice them doing anything, but in February I heard about some hacking that was going on inside Twitter. I started hearing about how Burger King had been hacked, Donald Trump, Jeep and so on.


I started reading tweets like this…

@mashable The 10 McFunniest Reactions to Burger King Twitter Hack

@YourAnonNews #Doh | “It has come to our attention that the Twitter account of BURGER KING® brand has been hacked” |

I don’t know for sure, but Anonymous sure did make it seem like they hacked these people. You can read more here.

Anonymous also talked a lot about the Dorner case. You can check out the blog post I wrote about that here.

Anonymous can do some pretty crazy, funny, awesome and scary things. It’s up to you to decide what you think about them.


One thought on “Twitter #Anonymous

  1. Chass, good post and you are processing the information from class. Maybe include a bit more background on We Are Legion – who made it? What have they created before? How did they have access to the Anons? Love that you hyperlinked to your other post.

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