My Take on Twitter and the #BostonMarathon

Well, as you probably know by now there was a bombing at the Boston Marathon yesterday.  How did I find out? The news of the bombs was spreading all throughout social media sites. Watch this video to learn more about the bombings…

I was in the EMU library getting ready for a presentation when I started seeing posts all over Facebook and Twitter that said things like this…

LeBron James@KingJames Prayers goes out to those involved/hurt in #BostonMarathon. WTF is wrong with people man. Just sad

Anderson Cooper 360°@AC360 #Breaking news: terror attack at #Boston marathon. @AndersonCooper is anchoring live from the location. #AC360

OccupyHarrisonburg@OccupyHburg Map of explosions at the Boston Marathon – The Washington Post. Multiple casualties in bombing. JV #ows #ohb

I watched and experienced Twitter like I never have before. It felt like I was there when room listings started, when the FBI took over, and when the death total rose from 2 to 3 people. It was such an incredibly heart-breaking experience.

I found an article from Time Magazine that quoted Mr. Rogers, and I happen to like the quote too. It helps me realize there is still beauty in the midst of ashes.


2 thoughts on “My Take on Twitter and the #BostonMarathon

  1. Chass – Good – you’ve continued your voice of exploration in this post. I could not hyperlink to your room listings – didn’t know what that was. Again – you are timely – with a good sense for taking it deeper than just the surface news – connecting it to your experience exploring Twitter. Nice!

  2. I was doing the same thing when I heard about Boston, working on school and then there was post everywhere about it. I really liked how Chass linked in the twitter users and there post to this post. I like that I can click on those links and it will take me right to the source that was being discussed. Great information on Boston and what is happening.

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