#CISPA #Blackout

CISPA is all over Twitter! If you haven’t heard or seen anything about it start following @OpManning and check out the hashtag #CISPA. Honestly, I didn’t really know much about CISPA until I joined this class. I would definitely encourage you to find out more information and see what you think and believe about it. […]

Twitter #Anonymous

What is anonymous? Check out this video to learn more! Crazy, huh?! If you really enjoyed the video about you might be interested in this longer version called We Are Legion. When I first created my Twitter account I started following @YourAnonNews. The first month I didn’t really notice them doing anything, but in February […]

Twitter #AiWeiwei #Art

Recently I had the privilege of watching a clip from the documentary Never Sorry. The film focuses on the Chinese artist Ai Weiwei. Check out the trailer… From the trailer you get a glimpse of what Ai Weiwei is all about. He is so passionate about art but also about the people of Chine. He […]